Islamic Center of Deltona, Inc.

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In addition to conducting common activities such as five daily prayers, Friday prayers, Trawiah prayers during Ramadan, children Sunday school, adult Islamic education, Free Medical Clinic etc., we are a center to help the poor and needy members of the community both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Islamic Center Of Deltona, Inc.

Peace be upon you all …

We are for the people of this community, continuously working for the betterment for this society. Ramadan Kareem

Islamic Center Of Deltona, Inc.


ICDI offers a wide range of community services. Please contact us for more information regarding any of the following services. All services provided by ICDI directly are free; those services provided by our affiliates will be given a discounted rate.

Civil Rights

Provide services for educating Muslims about their civil rights


Support for fund-raising activities


Sunday School for children. Adult education via Halaqa every Wednesday and Friday.


ICDI will perform marriages for all those in the community who require this service.

Janazah (funeral)

ICDI can be contacted to provide assistance in washing of the deceased, kafun, Salatul Janazah, and burial

Family Counseling

ICDI offers family and marriage counseling for those families going through difficult times
Notary public services

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