Islamic Center of Deltona, Inc.

Alhamdulillah! We had an amazing Election on 4th March 2016 with about hundreds muslim participated in the vote.

Here is the list of newly elected board members.

1) Saif Chowdhury (Nantu)

2) Shakil Mohammed

3) Riaz Qureshi

4) Mohammed Jamil

5) Erfan Uddin Chowdhury

6) Asif Rahman

7) Aziz Ullah (Tarek)


Please contact one of the following Election Commissioners if you have any question.

Br. Mohammad Aktarul Islam (Appi) 386-785-8859

Br. Babu Nur ur Rahman 386-717-7583

Br. Azhar Baig 407-541-9048

Jazak Allah Khair