Islamic Center of Deltona, Inc.

ICDI will offer a wide range of community services.  Please contact us for more information regarding any of the following services.  All services provided by ICDI directly are free; those services provided by our affiliates will be given a discounted rate.


Services provided include:


  • Provide services for educating Muslims about their civil rights
  • Help in Emergency relief efforts
  • Support for fund-raising activities
  • Help for needy Muslims with financial aid and sadaqa
  • Sunday School for children
  • Adult education via Halaqa every Wednesday and Friday
  • Quran Tasfeer and breakfast every weekend
  • Free Medical Clinic for the indigents regardless of their beliefs
  • Religious services provided to Tomoka Prison and Volusia County Jail
  • Dawah with free Qurans and literature
  • Divorce case reconciliation with the help of community elders
  • Marriages – ICDI will perform marriages for all those in the community who require this service
  • Islamic Wills – ICDI will aid those Muslims in the community who need assistance writing their will
  • Janazah (funeral) – ICDI can be contacted to provide assistance in washing of the deceased, kafun, Salatul Janazah, and burial
  • Family Counseling – ICDI offers family and marriage counseling for those families going through difficult times
  • Notary public services